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Service Activities

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- Design of veterinary and pharmaceutical factories and food plants in terms of architectural, technical and terminative services according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and International Standard Organization  (ISO) requirements.  ( Incloding : Layout Architectural & Structure , Mterial & Personnel & Waste Flow , Plumbind & Drainag and Electrical system ) .  

- Design and study the supporting engineering systems, which support the requirements of the manufacturing process of pharmaceuticals and food.              ( Incloding : HVAC System ISO 14644 , Plumbing & PW & WFI Water , Industry & Pure Steam , Compressed air & Nitrogen , Fire alarm & protection system , CCTV & Communication & Control access system , Audiovisual system , BMS , Visual & Cntrol system  ) .              

- Study and evaluate the technical offers of Production lines , laboratory equipment and assisting in obtaining them from the main suppliers.

- Supervising and executing the projects of establishing pharmaceutical and food factories.

- Engineering and managing warehouses and providing with storing solutions      ( WHO )

- Supplying with the instructions of applying Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

- Researching and Developing formulas of pharmaceutical products.

- Perform the stability studies, microbiological tests of the pharmaceutical products.

- Perform the standard tests of the pharmaceutical raw materials and final products.

- Standard methods of analysis and In House Specification (I.H.S).

- Inspection and checking the factories and determining the points of non-conformity with the approved specifications, and evaluating this with the appropriate solutions.

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- Preparing the required files for registering the pharmaceutical products , inside and outside the country.

 - Preparing the production files of the pharmaceutical product in the final form "Batch production record".

- preparing quality documents in order to obtain ISO 9001 - ISO 22000 and HACCP system 

- Preparing Q.A and Q.C Documents such as (SOP's, STP's and Validation Procedure Steps)

- Preparing Qualification Documents of Lab Equipment and Production Machines , such as (O.Q and P.Q)

- Perform the transactions required by governmental bodies which are related to registration, licensing, import and export approvals of pharmaceutical product.

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- Offering Training sessions in the field of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) , QA and Q.C.

- Qualifying the new graduates to work in the field of pharmaceutical and food industries.

- Training laboratory staff to use laboratory equipment and to perform tests according to the standard methods of analysis.

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- Marketing and distributing pharmaceutical products in Al-Kalamoun area  / Al- Kalamoun store -5424340

- Trading in Raw Materials of outside Companies' sources / Al Far - Regional Officer Mr. Talal Obeidat - 00962797046562

- Creating the pharmaceutical, architectural Design and supervising the executing of the pharmaceutical industrial Company "Alhikma" \ Aleppo - Dr. Nayef Jadoua 0966719138

- Creating the pharmaceutical, architectural Design of the pharmaceutical industrial Company \ Dr. Wael Osher - Adra - 0933480222

- Creating the pharmaceutical architectural Design and supervising the executing of the pharmaceutical industrial Company " POWER-VET " for  manufacturing veterinary medicines \ Adra - Dr. Abdel Moneim Nahar  0944396932.

- Creating the pharmaceutical architectural Design and supervising the executing of the pharmaceutical industrial Company " Golden Vet " for  manufacturing veterinary medicines \ Hama - Dr. Emad Al-Salim   0944909081.

- Modifying the pharmaceutical architectural design and supervising the executing of the project in order to attain the complete steps of the procedure of getting the governmental approval from ministry of health for Reiah industrial company for manufacturing pharmaceutical human medicines \ Adra- Dr. Ammar Reiah 0944335150.

- Preparing all ISO documents and putting them in practice, for the United Company for manufacturing veterinary medicines, through contracting with the German company TUV represented in Syria by Mr. Bassel Hafar 0944446399 and the supervisor Ms. Iman Bitmouni 0933938961 

- Offering an architectural design of the pharmaceutical factory for Dr. Hussein Hussarieh - Jordan - 00962798241414

- Offering an architectural design draft  of the pharmaceutical factory for Mr. Muhannad Usher - Sudan – 0933334497.