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EXPERTS COMPANY For Food & Drug Services (FD) L.L.C:

Is a commercial and consultant company for studying food and drug projects and their related services and appliances.

It is a combination of scientific and technical services of experts from different fields such as (Pharmacy,Chemistry, Medicine, Veterinary, Dentistry, and Medical equipment, electrical, mechanical, IT. and civil engineering).

(FD) was established since 2009, its name was "Glorious for Trade and Pharmaceutical Services"

In 2018, the activity spectrum of "Glorious " has been expanded and its name changed to EXPERTS COMPANY for Food & Drug Services (FD) Ltd.


 Vision :

We aim to be the featured partner in developing and upgrading the level of food and pharmaceutical industries, by providing our customers with the latest technologies, scientific information and innovative solutions.



Is attaining the satisfaction of our customers through providing them with all required services and achieving the comprehensive standard quality, and attaining the success in providing all required scientific and technical services for customers through our excellence in forming integrated partnerships with professional leading companies in the field of services of Food and Pharmaceutical industry and hospitals, laboratories and dental clinics appliances.